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Luscious, Intentional Skin-Care for Every Day, Gifts, & Community Sharing

Made with our own Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Milk, essential oils & plant fragrances in eco-friendly packaging with a portion of every purchase supporting community


Clean (soap and scrubs)



Soap & Skin Care Gifts 

Mothers Day display

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“I love your soap!  It’s like aromatherapy every time I walk into my bathroom!” …. purchased Rose Soap, Man Soap, and Orange-Patchouli-Anise Soap.


“The lemon grass soap is amazing!!!!  I like that is smooth and soft to your skin, absolutely love, love, how it smells. Feels like it’s early morning at the top of the mountain when everything is still covered with morning dew.”


“After trying some of the samples and then going back to store-bought soap my husband said, “I like the other stuff (samples) better”….sample pack


“I love my soaps from you!”…purchased Milk-Oat-Honey soap and Magical Odor Removing Kitchen Coffee Sink Chubs.


“The spa-soap is great!”…purchased Spa-at-Home Himalayan Sea Salt Bar.

“It’s not only a good looking soap but it smells so good too!”…purchased Magical Odor Removing Kitchen Coffee Soap Sink Chubs.