Call it a cheat if you want, but I bet if you try these gluten free chocolate chip cookies you’ll be glad to cheat!

Call it a cheat if you want, but if you like gluten free chocolate chip cookies that don’t taste gluten free,  you’ll be glad you cheated! Recently I was in a bind.  I had promised to bring a gluten-free dessert to a Living Alternatives Team Day that I was to attend, however our day had … [Read more…]

Body Butter Recipe Made With Ingredients You Probably Already Have

Body Butter:  That wonderful in-between a lotion and a cream goodness our skin loves!   Make this simple body butter recipe with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.  What?  You don’t keep a goat in there?  Even though we make almost all of our products using goat milk, we thought it’d be nice … [Read more…]

A Few Last Minute Easter Resources: No planning required

It’s not that these last minute Easter resources aren’t awesome or worthwhile of spending much more time on, but these resources are ones that you can get your hands on and use right away if life has been messy and real at your house recently….meaning you haven’t gotten projects looked up, lists made, things ordered or … [Read more…]