8 Ways Share The Soap Shows The Love (for people and the environment)

8 Ways Share The Soap Shows The Love (for people and the environment)

Share the Soap has committed to being conscientious of how we impact the world and all who inhabit it. While many companies around the globe are making similar commitments, we want to take it a step further and reassure you that we are not simply using buzz words or trendy ideas in an effort to appear more eco-friendly. We are not attempting to LOOK like we care but to SHOW we care with genuine, tangible efforts. How are we accomplishing that? Here are a few of those ways:

  • GETTING NAKED - We've always been conscious of our packaging, making it as eco-friendly as possible and working to reduce packaging when we can completely. For example, we offer our handmade soaps "naked" with just an ingredient label for personal use, and we offer plant-based gift bags and re-usable bows for gift-packaging offerings.

  • BIOLEFIN - As we continue to strive to say no to plastic, we've just upgraded our packaging system to be able to wrap gift soaps, bath bombs, our wholesale soaps, and more with Biolefin, a compostable shrink wrap that breaks down in 1-2 years in landfills vs. regular plastic shrink wrap that takes many, many years to breakdown. This means no extra steps or work for the consumer, and they can feel good about ‘no waste’ packaging.
  • REPURPOSE - One of our packaging solutions is using compostable materials or glass that can be repurposed as often as possible. 
  • SHIPMENT PACKAGING - Another area our business is mindful of reducing waste and non-disposables is shipment packaging. Because we ship fragile items that many times need filler, we use packing peanuts that are made from starch and recyclable paper shreds. They can be reused or, if not needed, the peanuts can easily dissolve with water.

  • SHOP LESS - We offer subscription boxes that offer options to have more soaps delivered to your home at one time. This allows you to shop less, reduce packaging, and stay prepared.
  • REUSE - We also reuse as much packaging as possible. For instance, bubble wrap is a plastic that we often receive in packages we get that contain items we use in our workshop. We carefully unwrap and then reuse as much of this bubble wrap as possible. We're very proud of the fact that in 6 years of business, we have been able to reuse bubblewrap and haven't purchased it for the shop even once.

  • SOLAR! - One of the most exciting environmentally friendly benefits of our workshop move is that our new workshop is powered by solar panels. 

  • PEOPLE MATTER - Another fact that often gets overlooked when discussing eco-friendly choices is the investment in people, not machines, whenever possible. In our workshop, we would instead hire people than try to replace workers with machines. People first! Whether you, our customers, or our employees, we love sharing and helping!  This reinforces the economy, gives a more personalized touch to our products, and lessons the footprint environmentally. It's a win-win for us all!


We are honored that when people use our products, they can feel good about supporting the community as well as the environment.


P.S. We're constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  What do you think? Is it important to you for your face and skin care company to make this a priority?  Share how you are making an impact we are always looking for new ideas! 


☀️Have a sunshiny day!☀️


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