Body Butter Recipe Made With Ingredients You Probably Already Have

Body Butter:  That wonderful in-between a lotion and a cream goodness our skin loves!   Make this simple body butter recipe with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.  What?  You don’t keep a goat in there?  Even though we make almost all of our products using goat milk, we thought it’d be nice to share a recipe with you that you could easily make at home, even if you don’t have access to goat milk.  We make goat milk body butter you can have shipped from our store from September thru April and a few local stores we’ve partnered with to carry our products, especially in the “off-season”. (If you don’t already know the benefits of using goat milk in skin care products, see this post:  Milk Soap: An Organic Form of Nourishment).  BUT if you are not local or are reading this from May to Aug, no worries, this is a simple body butter recipe (without goat milk) but with skin-nourishing ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!


body butter: skin loving goodness

We were thrilled to be chosen to have this recipe published at Prevention Magazine online!  The recipe below is the same as the one published but with a few additional notes.

NOTE:  The original body butter recipe we submitted to Prevention was for coconut oil with an option of substituting out a portion with shea butter if desired.  We were trying to use products that people probably already had at home in their pantry.  If you’d like to use the the shea butter combination and don’t have shea butter on hand you can order shea butter here. Then start by making it a 50%/50% recipe of coconut oil and unrefined organic shea butter and adjust for your own preference.  You can mix up this recipe to ingredients you already have in your pantry…and we’ll add in some additional good options in the recipe below as well!

Share the Soap’s Homemade Body Butter Recipe

What You’ll Need  (NOTE:  To make it easier in case you do need to order ingredients, I’ve linked to some of the products we like).
1 cup organic virgin coconut oil or organic unrefined shea butter or you can mix the two.
1 ½ Tbsp. cornstarch or arrowroot powder
Pint mason or canning jar
Medium glass or stainless steel bowl
Silicone scraper
Hand mixer or stand mixer with paddle attachment
Optional: 10-30 drops essential oils (use therapeutic grade if you’d like aromatherapy plus other benefits in addition to scent).
Optional: ½ tsp. cold-pressed olive oil (avocado, almond or walnut oils work too)
Optional: 2-3 vitamin E capsules

1. COMBINE the coconut oil, shea butter and cornstarch or arrowroot in a mixing bowl.  OPTIONAL:  Completely unrefined shea butter will have a texture that is slightly “grainy”.  If using shea butter and do not like the slight graininess, you can gently heat the shea butter if preferred.  The “graininess” is usually only felt very briefly as massaging in your body butter if you do not want to heat it.  If you accidentally over heat and your shea butter turns liquid, no worries!  Place it in the freezer about 10 min and then whip.  Continue on with your recipe.
2. MIX on low and increase speed to high for 3 minutes. Take breaks to scrape down the sides.
3. TEST some of the butter on the back of your hands. If the oil feels too stiff, add olive oil (or other oil mentioned above) & squeeze out oil from vitamin E capsules into mixture. Mix for another 2-3 minutes to integrate the oils.  IF you’re adding essential oils, now is the time!  Add in up to 30 drops of essential oils of your choice (a basic blend to get started is lavender-orange or lemon balm).
4. TEST the consistency again, and if you want a dryer, silkier consistence, add an additional ½ tsp. of cornstarch or arrowroot and mix again for another minute.
5. WHEN you’ve landed on the perfect consistency, place the butter in a pint jar with a label. The butter doesn’t need refrigeration, and will last at least one month, but chances are your skin will love it so much that it won’t be around that long!
6. TO use, dip clean, dry hands into the jar and massage away.

This recipe is extremely nourishing for your skin and is made from simple ingredients you probably already have or are easy for you to obtain.

If you’d like to order already-made body butter (and it’s in season for shipping) you can order it here.  You can also see what others are saying about our goat milk body butters there too!

selection of body butters from share the soap dot com

goat milk body butters from Share the Soap

If you’re local you can find our products at these places (not all products are carried at each location.  If you have a favorite just request it from the store-owner!


Did you try the recipe?  Have a favorite essential oil blend?  We want to know!  Leave us your comments below!


    • Thanks for your inquiry. No, we don’t give out the recipe that we use to make our goat milk body butters. I’m sure a Google search would give some recipes.

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