June is National Dairy Month: Have you ever licked a goat?

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My guess is, that you’ve never licked a goat. But if you’ve had a bad experience with drinking turned goat milk, you might have thought you had!  Most people either love goat milk or hate it (and usually only hate it because they’ve had a bad experience).  So if you’ve had a bad experience with goat milk, you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to drink it for your skin to benefit from goat milk.  If you love goat milk then you’ll be happy to hear there are even more reasons to love it!

goat milk vanilla ice cream

goat milk vanilla ice cream

I am always surprised when people do not realize the impact goat milk has for skin!

It’s funny, but when people hear that we have goats one of the first things they ask is if we make cheese.  Many people know this yummy benefit of goat milk, although I think making ice cream or fudge is yummier!  Also many people know how healthy goat milk is to drink or have a story to tell about themselves or a child that was raised on it.  But  I am always surprised when people do not realize the impact goat milk has for skin!  June is National Dairy Month so I thought this would be a great time to remind you of some of the amazing benefits of goat milk for skin!

goat milk soap with essential oils

Goat Milk Soap with essential oils

Just a few of the most profound benefits of goat milk for skin:

1.  One of the most profound benefits of goat milk is it’s ability to help the skin seal in it’s own moisture!  A healthy skin care routine begins with cleansing the skin with a gentle cleanser.  A natural goat milk soap is as gentle as can be.  By using its own natural abilities, when you choose to use goat milk soap as a facial cleanser, you’re getting a time-savings as well as cost-savings.  Using a gentle cleanser that also helps retain moisture means less moisturizer that needs to be applied after cleansing.   Healthy skin care CAN be simple and inexpensive when you have the right ingredients!

2.  Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids, which is an ingredient included in many professional chemical peels because it is so effective at removing the dead skin cells. By removing the dead skin cells,  younger skin cells are exposed and allowed to breathe which results in softer, vibrant skin with a glow!  For home use, using goat milk, with it’s perfectly natural alpha hydroxy acids combined with it’s other gentle ingredients, allows dead skin cells to be released gently while holding in moisture so that there are no side-effects for any skin type.  In fact this gentle goat milk soap enables people with sensitive skin, psoriasis, or even ezema to gently exfoliate while not flaring up the skin!  Goat milk soap provides gentle exfoliation while nourishing the skin.

creamy goat milk sugar scrub

creamy goat milk sugar scrub

3.  Goat milk is rich in vitamins and minerals (A, E, C, B, selenium, calcium and zinc) as well as fatty acids and triglycerides, all necessary for healthy skin!  Vitamins and minerals help your skin maintain it’s integrity as !  For example, goat milk is loaded with vit A, and according to Dr. Axe, can “improve your complexion, fight acne, and improve overall skin health.”   According to Green Beauty Team “Goat’s milk is known to be a healthy food for inside our bodies, but as a skincare ingredient, it is a healing miracle. ”

There are many more benefits of using goat milk in skin care and I wrote about more of them in this article but now that you know just a few, you understand why we base most of our products on goat milk and why we just HAD to take advantage of National Dairy Month to share them with you!  The benefits of goat milk for skin is just too good not to share!  In fact, please share this post with your friends so that they will know the amazing skin care benefits of goat milk too!

goat milk and shea whipped body butter

goat milk and shea whipped body butter

Haven’t tried an all natural goat milk soap or found the benefits of a goat milk sugar scrub made with essential oils (not to mention the aromatherapy you’ll get for the entire bathroom…but that’s another blog post)?  Now you can and at a discount!  When you become one of our special subscribers (it’s free) we not only spoil you with extra samples and treats, but you can use your 10% discount on all products in our store!

So were you surprised to find out how perfect goat milk is for skin?  We’d love to hear from you!

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