It’s an anniversary giveaway competition!

It’s our 2-year anniversary so we’ve decided to have some fun and share some soap and skin care products by hosting a friendly anniversary competition…er giveaway!

7 lucky winners will each win 1 of these gift-sets (picked randomly) and THEN 1 well-deserving individual with the most number of entries will win an ENTIRE LOAF of SOAP ($76.50 value!)

But HURRY!  This competitions…er giveaway ends December 12th, 2017!

2 year anniversary giveaway

Here’s a closer look at the gift sets being given away:

Each set is linked to the item on our website so that you can click on it to find out more about each one.

Set 1:  Tuxedo Goat Milk Bar Soap & Travel Beard Oil

natural beard oil and goat milk soap
Set 2:  Cherry Almond Mint Goat Milk Bar Soap & Travel Face Renewal

cherry almond mint goat milk soap and face renew every day moistuizer
Set 3:  BuckOff Goat Milk Hand Soap & Vanilla Goat Milk & Silk Lip Balm

soap that removes odors from hands naturally no harsh chemicals soft and smells great
Set 4:  Frankincense & Myrrh Goat Milk Bath Bomb & Rose Goat Milk Bath Bomb

goat milk bath bombs essential oils no polysorbate 80
Set 5: Coffee Cup, Caramel Hot Cocoa, & Vanilla Latte Goat Milk & Silk Lip Balm

vanilla latte goat milk and silk lip balm
Set 6:  Fresh & Clean Sea Salt Goat Milk Travel Bars-4pk & 3-Pack Variety Goat Milk & Silk Lip Balms

sea salt goat milk soap and milk and silk lip balms
Set 7:  Frankincense Goat Milk Body Butter & Frankincense Goat Milk Bath Bomb

goat milk body butter and bath bomb

LOAF of SOAP:  Pictured is the Frankincense & Myrrh Goat Milk Loaf of Soap.  Winner will have their choice of any one of our loaves of soap!

frankincense & myrrh goat milk loaf of soap from share the soap dot comSo whether you love our products and hope to win some OR you have never tried our products but would like to, this is a great opportunity for both!  Whether you just like free stuff or are looking for a free Christmas re-gift, that’s ok too!  We’re pretty sure you’re going to LOVE the products (or whomever you re-gift them to).  But you can’t win if you don’t enter!  Head over to the giveaway before it ends!

Oh!  And in case you’re new to Share the Soap, we’re all about simple, wholesome skincare so that the beautiful YOU can shine thru naturally, effortlessly! 

We use goat milk in almost every product because of all the benefits for the skin that goat milk provides (our girls have goats that they milk so the milk in the soaps are from either our own goat milk or if we run low from friends of ours that have goats).  We are picky about the quality of products that we use and use organic whenever available/possible.  We use essential oils and plant-fragrances, NOT chemical fragrances.  We use natural colorings and mineral micas, not chemical colorings.  We small-batch our products to provide fresh, high-quality products and we love spoiling our customers!  We provide personal customer service.  We love sharing the soap and give back at least 10% to both local and global projects.  We’re a family business that loves God, goats and coffee.

Which gift set above would be the one you want to win?  Why?



  1. Christy Santiago

    #7, The body butter and bath bomb mostly because I L-O-V-E the body butters you make! They work so much better than store bought lotions and creams. Second, they are great for my skin!

  2. Carol Kelly

    Body Butters # 7 are wonderful. I’m giving (sharing) the soap for Christmas Presents. I’m would be appreciative with anything you make…it’s all wonderful!

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