Call it a cheat if you want, but I bet if you try these gluten free chocolate chip cookies you’ll be glad to cheat!

Call it a cheat if you want, but if you like gluten free chocolate chip cookies that don’t taste gluten free,  you’ll be glad you cheated!

Recently I was in a bind.  I had promised to bring a gluten-free dessert to a Living Alternatives Team Day that I was to attend, however our day had been crazy and I totally forgot until late the night before…yikes!  I had it on my calendar and had even looked at the reminder just that morning.  However just after that my 7 yo came bounding in announcing that there was a surprise in the barn!  Uh oh….we didn’t have any goats due for some time I thought.  Next come the 11 yo and 14 yo with this little guy, barely opening his eyes and laying limp.


After much prayer and a little suctioning, blow drying to warm him up, and syringe-feeding he was holding his head up and “maaaing” a bit!  So in addition to a busy day, now we’re going to be adding in feedings every 2 hours until this little 1 lb 7 oz guy can nurse from his Mama on his own.  This is a chore that the 14 yo will take on and not complain a bit about, even though it means she’ll be going out in the middle of the night a few times for the first 24 hrs.  I’m so blessed that she loves her goats, that she’s developing amazing character and that she’s learning valuable lessons while being a goat mama!

So it’s now 5 o’clock, I haven’t had another thought about the gluten-free dessert because I’ve been busy just moving to the next thing to get thru the day, and it hits me that I need a gluten-free dessert for tomorrow but that I still have a full calendar till at least 9pm…yikes!   Thankfully I had enough time between errands to run into the store to see what kind of mix I could find.

This is where my now favorite cookie mix comes in to rescue me!  King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Cookie Mix is THE best gluten-free mix I have tried so far AND my family asked for more, even knowing they were gluten-free, which says a lot!


King Arthur Flour is known for the high-quality whole-grain flours they produce.  The King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Cookie Mix is made with simple ingredients and I like that I can use whatever add-ins I like.

NOTE:  For this batch of cookies made the mix as directed on the box and for the 1-3 cups of add-ins called for, I used 1 cup of dried cherries, 1 cup of chopped pecans, and 1 cup of sugar-free chocolate chips.


Mmmm….of course we each had to try one as they came out of the oven for quality-control.  I don’t want to serve any sub-par gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to the ladies at Team Day, ahem!  When my husband (who typically turns up his nose a bit to substitutions for his favorite wheat-flour recipes) asked if I could make a batch just like this for us next time, I knew this mix was a keeper (and believe me, we have tried MANY gluten-free cookie recipes over the years!).

So now that my gluten-free dessert is made (thank you King Arthur Flour cookie mix!) and packaged up to go with me to Team Day, I am ready!  I am really looking forward to spending the day with other women who LOVE to celebrate life and learning more about how to love on and care for the young ladies and women we serve at Living Alternatives.  It’s going to be a wonderful, Spirit-filled day!

What about the baby goats you ask?  Well, for now the little guy is with his brother and his Mama and doing ok.  (he’s the little guy on the right in the first picture). The 14 yo goat-mama has named him Hercules.

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So do you have a favorite “cheat” (or maybe “hack” would be a better term?) that you’d like to share?  Let’s hear it below!


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