Just because you shower everyday, doesn't mean you have to use everyday soap!  Why not make your daily routine exciting and revitalizing while taking awesome care of your skin?!  We carefully formulate our recipes with products that are gentle and skin-loving as well as beautiful and rejuvinating to the spirit!  Deeply breathe in the wonderfully natural scent from essential oils.  Enjoy the beautiful colors and swirls from natural colorants.  Feel the luxurious feel of your skin when you use soaps that protect and make your skin feel silky-smooth.  Feel really awesome about starting your day caring for your body in a way that is anything but "every day".  It's like a vacation in a shower...every day.  You work hard, why not get the most out of your shower too and give your body a little pampering while giving your skin the care it needs!


In the Fall of 2003 we started making soap under our farm name, Higher Calling Farm.  

We had dairy goats, extra milk, and had heard how good goat milk was for your skin.  


Once we learned the basics of making soap we started formulating our own recipes.  

We like simple, natural, and skin-loving ingredients.  We make a wide variety of types of soap so that there's lots of selection.  We make both goat-milk soap (made from our own goats) as well as vegan soap and soap that some would consider paleo.  We use only essential oils, not chemical fragrances and we do make unscented yet beautiful soaps as well.


Friends and family (as well as a local health food grocery) started asking to buy soap for themselves, to give as gifts, and resell in the store.  This was a fantastic way to support our new "habit" ie the "soap bug" had bitten!  


We started working with a mission in Haiti, sent supplies to support womens' business with a soap-making start-up kit, taught soap-making in Haiti and prepared to relocate there. We closed down our farm and soap sales, but God's plan was not ours ;) and at the last-minute we did not make the move. This gave us a 2 year break from farm and soap but pretty soon the "soap bug" began biting again and more and more people started asking if we could make soap for them privately.                                                                                                                   


But this time around we didn't just want to make and sell soap.  We love formulating recipes and making soap, but we also want to highlight sharing with others (When's the last time someone suprised you with a gift and it wasn't a holiday or your birthday?  It made your day didn't it?).  We no longer work with the mission in Haiti but our experience gave us a fresh look at needs in the community and so we also wanted to have an avenue for people to share with purpose (When's the last time you gave to a charity or need in your community?  It feels great knowing you can help make a difference, doesn't it?)


Hence Share the Soap...with your body...with your friends...with your community was born!  


We couldn't imagine keeping this gift to ourselves….it is far better to give than receive for that is when we have truly been blessed! 

We hope you will be blessed when you use our soaps and that you in turn will share the soap with friends and community! 


Many blessings to you and your family!                                                                                  

Tim, Tori, Jacob, Leah & McKenzie, Anna, Hope (and her goats), Esther and Zoe


family photo                                                                                        ..