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A Local Bar-Beer Coffee Goat Milk Loaf of Soap FREE SHIPPING

A Local Bar-Beer Coffee Goat Milk Loaf of Soap FREE SHIPPING

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It takes a village to make "a local bar"! This soap is made from special ingredients from local businesses around Hillsboro, IL.

Bubbly lather, delicious earthy-fresh scent from cedarwood, cypress, fir and mint essential oils. Complex notes also come from organic natural cocoa butter & locally roasted coffee (Black Rabbit, Hillsboro, IL). Rich minerals for beautiful skin from the locally crafted beer (Opera House, Hillsboro, IL). Silky smooth skin from the goat milk from our daughter's Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk (HCDREAM Dairy Goats, Walshville, IL) and activated charcoal. Topped with sprinkles of Black Rabbit coffee grounds for texture and slight exfoliation.

Ingredients: goat milk, cold pressed olive oil, organic coconut oil, lard, lye (no lye remains in the finished bar after the soap-making process, Copper Rabbit Beer, Black Rabbit Coffee, organic soybean oil, castor oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, beeswax, Pure Essential oils of : Cedarwood, cypress, fir needle, spearmint, activated charcoal, filtered water, ground Black Rabbit Coffee.

Each bar is loaded with:

  • skin-loving oils like olive, coconut, jojoba, and more.
  • Organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter add a richness that your skin will love plus it makes the bar last longer for you!
  • Goat milk helps your skin to retain its own moisture. (We purchase the goat milk from our girls who have a small goat herd when they have milk available).
  • Pure essential oils add a wonderful aromatherapy session leaving your spirit refreshed and uplifted.

Loaf comes packed in a white recycled box. Please check the box if this item is a gift and we'll make sure your shipping labels don't mar the box so that the white box can be used as a gift box.

After you purchase your loaf we'll send you our digital cutting guide so that cutting your soap will be a breeze!

Cut this loaf any way you desire for your own use.  Gift it as a loaf or cut it for individual gifts (makes fabulous hostess gifts, birthday, sister/girl gifts, office & teacher gifts, service-provider gifts, etc).

How big is this loaf really? Well in our free cutting guide we show you how to cut it into 11 1" bars easily and quickly. 

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    Share the Soap is a manufacturer of goat milk products based in Southern IL