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Feeling tired, stressed, sore muscles? Then a soak in the tub is calling your name! No tub? Studies show that a foot soak is almost just as relaxing and refreshing!

Here you go! You'll find bath soaks & powders made with scents you'll love and that fit any occasion from a quiet self-care soak to a romantic night.

Our wholesome bath soaks are made using goat milk, essential oils and natural flavorings that even sensitive skin will love. We don't use any harmful ingredients so you won't have to worry about weird rashes, stained tubs, etc.

In fact we purposely add additional skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and more so that you're getting more than just self-care time: You're getting lavish skin care at the same time.

So pick your favorites or try some new ones and get ready for some soft, silky skin and much needed self care. & skin love!

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*Looking for more bubbles? Check out or bubble bars!

*Looking for double the self care or a fun gift? Check out our Paint Your Own Goat Milk Bath Soaks!

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Save your soap!

When left to sit in water natural soaps will dissolve fast and forever be lost down the drain! Make sure to get a soap saver bag or a dish so that your soap will last longer!

Save your soap HERE

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