About Us

Just because you shower every day, doesn't mean you have to use everyday soap!  Why not make your daily routine exciting and revitalizing, taking  amazing care of your skin and your spirit at the same time?!

ALL of our products contain natural and carefully curated ingredients to allow you the peace of mind while caring for your skin luxuriously.

Deeply breathe in the wonderfully natural scent from essential oils.  Enjoy the beautiful colors and swirls from natural colorants.  Feel the luxurious feel of your skin when you use soaps that protect and make your skin feel silky-smooth. Feel really awesome about starting your day caring for your body in a way that is anything but "every day".  It's like a vacation in a shower...every single day. 

When you make a purchase from us you're not an "order number". We value you, your trust in our company and in our products, and we will do our best to personalize your experience in order to help you get the products you need and want in a way that shows you we think you're special!

Orders come packaged carefully, eco-friendly and with a sample to try a new product or to share the soap with a friend or co-worker. We love sharing the soap with you and we love giving you something to share too! 

One last thing for now, you should know that every time you make a purchase we share at least 10% both locally and globally. You can feel good that your purchases are helping to strengthen communities and enriching lives in difficult situations! 

How we got started:

In the Fall of 2003 I started making goat milk soap while looking for something to do with the extra milk from our dairy goats.

That Winter was the first Winter my hands didn't crack and bleed for as long as I could remember! That started a passion of researching oils, attending soap courses, studying formulation and MANY test batches of soap until today, convinced we have the very best soap you can use for your skin!  It's like using a soap and a lotion at the same time!

A little more about our products:

We have family that have severe chemical sensitivities so I started studying about essential oils and decided to only use essential oils or plant fragrances, not chemical fragrances in our products. 

The colorants I use for our soaps are made from natural colorings and mineral micas.

The oils and butters you'll find in our soaps are not the cheapest, but the highest grade and purest that we can source as close to home as possible. I am not interested in producing the cheapest bar of soap possible, there are lots of those out there already. I'm interested in formulating the BEST formulations and most natural bars for your skin, even if you have sensitive skin.

Our packaging and materials used for shipping are eco-friendly and we're constantly trying new items and ideas to reduce waste.

If you haven't tried our soap we challenge you to  give one of our bars a try. We guarantee that your hands, body & spirit will notice a difference!