Collection: Whole Body Bar Soaps

Your skin will LOVE the silky, moisturized feeling you get when using our goat milk soaps. Your very being will love the aromatherapy and scents from essential oils and plant fragrances. Our goat milk soap is one of the most important steps in caring for your skin. It's the first step in building a foundation for healthy, glowing skin!  

You'll find more that just the bare minimum ingredients needed to make soap. We formulate our recipes with extra butters and oils to nourish and lavish your skin.  In addition we create scents that will give you that special boost for whatever mood you're in or maybe you need a boost to thrive thru your day or night? You got it!  You'll probably always use soap in caring for your skin. Your mind and mood should get some of that extra special caring too!

NOTE: Our soaps are "whole body soaps" meaning that they can be used for body and hair.  There are many hair types so you may find your hair has a favorite soap, because each soap has different essential oils, clays, etc.

Ramie soap bag and bar of soap on wooden soap dish from

Save your soap!

When left to sit in water natural soaps will dissolve fast and forever be lost down the drain! Make sure to get a soap saver bag or a dish so that your soap will last longer!

Save your soap HERE

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