One Night of Healing with Goat Milk - Part 1

One Night of Healing 

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Ever had one of THOSE days, feeling ragged and beat down by the end? Evidently that's the kind of day this little guy had:

Late the other night on our way home there was something in the road that we had to swerve to keep from hitting. What? Was that a baby owl???? Surely not, I thought. Now, we live WAY out in the country, so seeing animals in the road is not unusual. In fact at any time of day you might see horses, cows, deer, hawks, vultures, skunks, coyotes, snakes, racoons, oppossum or any myriad of other animals in the road. Also being in a wooded area in the country we hear owls at night all the time, hooting back and forth to each other. But a baby owl in the road was a first. When I got out of the car to see if it was alive the poor thing was just sitting in the road looking like he'd had a terribly rough day. Still having downy feathers was a sign that he probably shouldn't have been out of his nest by himself, let alone sitting in the middle of the road! When I got out of the car, I had planned on just moving him off of the side of the road into the treeline next to it, but when I went to move him it was clear that one wing was injured and he had an eye not fully opening and he was so tired he didn't even care that I picked him up. Well, owls are protected here, so imagine my husband's surprise and dismay when I hopped back into the car with this baby owl in my hands. But he was injured. I couldn't just leave him there to get hit by a car or become somebody's midnight snack!   Owl Fact: Did you know that owls use their talons to crush the head of their prey and that even baby owls have incredibly strong talons that can pierce right thru skin? Did you know that they have an amazing grip with those talons and that once they grip onto something it's very difficult to get them to let go? Just sayin''s the antibiotic cream and bandaids?...ow....   Once we got home we looked up how to care for baby owls and got him settled down and all comfy in a towel-lined box for the night. We looked up the nearest "birds of prey rescue" to contact in the morning. Once settled in he was quiet from being so exhausted from his rough day. The next morning my son peeked into the box to see if he had made it thru the night he jumped right out of the box! We promptly returned him to his box, added a shallow dish of water, and put him in a quiet place to continue resting and waiting for the volunteer from the rescue who was coming in the afternoon to pick him up. A few hours later we still hadn't heard much from his box. Carefully opening the lid (remember the escape earlier in the morning?), he promptly let us know he didn't want anyone peering in his box. He jumped up with his feet and tagged my hand at the lid of the box with his talons! I guess he was feeling a lot better! I was excited to see his face bright, both eyes open fully and a lot of spunk from the little guy. Oh what a difference one night of rest can make! Whatever the storm, this little guy just needed one night of healing. I picked him up (wearing gloves this time!) to check out his wing. Once he relaxed a bit he let me fully extend the wing that had appeared to be injured the night before and didn't seem in any discomfort at all. After returning him back to the box he allowed us to get a video of him making his warning "clicks" and watch his movements for a bit before he jumped up and tagged my hand again. Amazing aim and quickness this little guy has! 

To be continued in the next post.

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