One Night of Healing with Goat Milk - Part 2

One Night of Healing with Goat Milk

Getting enough rest and relation is important.  Share the Soap goat milk bath bombs, goat milk bath soaks, and goat milk soap can be helpful components in your body's refreshment.

Ever had one of THOSE days, feeling ragged and beat down by the end? Evidently that's the kind of day this injurd owl had.

  Ok, I may not be an owl expert, but it sure seemed like after one night of healing this little guy was now strong enough to go back to where we found him. Plus being a mama myself I was sure this little guy's mama was probably worried sick about him! While waiting for the rescue volunteer to arrive, and being the ever curious family that we are we had done LOTS of owl research and learning. What a great hands-on learning project! The CornellLab ofOrnithology has a lot of good information for all different kinds of birds. 1 of the things we learned was that if you return a baby owl to the area of it's nest the mama will start taking care of it again. We also learned that even the babies have strong enough beaks and talons to climb up the tree to it's nest or to get off the ground and out of danger's way (well, we sure knew the part about the talon strength was true!). I contacted the volunteer, told him what was going on and sent pictures and videos. He agreed the best thing to do was to return this little baby to where he came from, well off the road but to the trees next to the road. Deciding which tree to return him to may have been difficult, but there was only a clump of 2-3 trees in this spot so it was pretty easy to choose where to put him.


Some Share the Soap lessons we learned from this little guy: 1. Lots of fun and interesting owl facts! This guy is a baby Great Horned Owl. There is a lot of information you can Google to find out more and be sure to check out the link above to Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 2. Wear gloves when handling birds of prey...even baby ones! Actually it should be noted here that reported by bird rescues, many people pick up baby birds because they think they have fallen from the nest and appear to be abandoned. In the case of owls anyway, their mama will continue to feed them on the ground and even the babies can usually climb back up into the tree. If a baby bird is found on the ground in an unsafe place (like on the road), gently move it out of harm's way and continue on, unless it appears injured. Also it should be noted that owls do not make good pets as they are nocturnal and solitary (where we live they are actually protected and so it's illegal to own one unless you have a license). 3. Whatever the storm is for me, when I have one of THOSE days, sometimes I just need a night of healing. Sometimes just giving myself the gift of relaxation and a good night of rest may do wonders. Sometimes I may need more and if so, here are some of my favorite ways to "revive": a hot soak in the tub with a book & 1 of our goat milk bath bombs , an iced coffee (or hot if in winter) and quiet time with my Bible or maybe just a simple cuddle with my hubby. Oh what a difference one night of rest can make! It's my nature to keep plugging away at something until I complete it....even if that means staying up till wee hours of the morning. Unlike this little great horned owl, however, I was not created to be nocturnal. Even if I was, even nocturnal animals rest and sleep during the day. If I don't sleep at night it's highly unlikely with my crew that I will get any sleep the next day. Making myself quit on projects at a good time to get a good night's sleep, will give me the spunk I need to take care of my own "owlettes" the next day. If you're a mama too then I bet you understand the temptation to work late at night when everyone has gone to bed. What are your tips for shutting down at night to get a good nights sleep? What are your favorite ways to "revive" after one of THOSE days?


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